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InterPrice Solution

Intelligent pricing aggregation tool

Collects new issue indications provided in multiple formats into intuitive user dashboards

Engagement between issuers and financing partners

Builds stronger relationships through real-time dialogue between users focused on data that matters most

Data integrity with up-to-date analytics

Provides tools to interpret and utilize data to make smarter financing decisions

Secure and confidential data platform

Protects sensitive data with the most advanced and secure database design and tools

Asked Questions

  • What is InterPrice?
    At our core, we are a financial technology platform that enables corporations to have direct access to their cost of capital at any point in time and streamlines their communication with financing partners
  • When will the beta version be released?
    We expect to release a beta version to select corporate clients in the second half of 2020.
  • Who is the InterPrice platform for?
    We designed our system to be used by various financing entities - banks and investors - and, most importantly, corporate issuers in the capital markets
  • Who is the InterPrice team?
    The InterPrice platform is built and supported by Wall Street capital markets professionals and technology experts. We are also advised by several Treasury professionals from Fortune 500 companies.

Security and Confidentiality

InterPrice Technologies Inc. was built by financial industry veterans with security being its utmost priority. We understand that corporations and financial partners trust us with their data, and we’ve spent a lot of time to ensure that we keep this data protected and private.

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